Lead Change Effectively. Communicate Efficiently.
Improve  Skills Proficiency.

 The customizable, inexpensive, and easy-to-use technology platform that guides employees and accelerates change.

Adapting to change should be easy with today’s available technologies

Are your support costs high? Are you behind on business application adoption? Are your employees frustrated or resistant to change? Have your technology investments failed to deliver value? Are your training and skills acquisition programs falling short?

Inspire change and guide employees effectively throughout your organization


Simplify Training and Reduce Support Costs

Improve the training experience with included up-to-date lesson materials, help, and support content. On-demand, in-context, on-screen guidance ensures your employees stay focused, productive, and on-task, dramatically reducing help desk support tickets.


Remove Barriers to Application Adoption

Deliver faster on-boarding and higher employee engagement with an easy and intuitive online user experience. Immediately introduce and train employees on important features in every online application, with guided tours to automate everyday tasks and processes.


Communicate Important Policies and Announcements

Your most important information is communicated front and center to employees right where they work, via interactive pop-ups including videos and visual cues, eliminating time wasted researching critical instructions for complex processes.

Three Steps to Informed, Confident, Empowered, and Self-Sufficient Employees

1. Install Content Panda

Content Panda is a SaaS learning, support, and training solution that installs in minutes, giving employees the power to start changing the way they work and learn long-term.

2. Create and Configure Your Content

Includes rich training content and easy-to-use editor, quickly providing both out of the box and organization-specific customizable content.

3. Enjoy Increased Adoption, and Communication

Delivers the right information to employees and staff in the moment of need, supporting business process efficiency, compliance, and improved skills acquisition with in-app and step-by-step guidance.


With more than 500,000 people trained and supported, here’s a small sampling of customers who've transformed their employees’ digital experience with Content Panda


Nature Conservancy
United States Airforce
CSL Behring
Cambia Health
Consumer Credit Union
NMPP Energy

Why trust Content Panda?

Many businesses struggle to find an easy and affordable way to support training, change management, and communication. We created an inexpensive, easy to use, configurable training and communication technology platform that keeps employees informed, confident, empowered, and self-sufficient.

More than half a million employees trained and supported have delivered landmark improvements in productivity to our clients, including a 77% reduction in support costs and a 60% improvement in application adoption. Implementing change can be difficult and costly with traditional training and communication methods and applications. We built Content Panda with these challenges in mind, tasking our team to architect, design, and develop a revolutionary solution.

We built Content Panda to help employees keep up with the ever-changing digital landscape, improve overall digital literacy, accelerate the adoption of new software, and remove frustration around completing everyday tasks. We understand that humans sometimes need guidance to get the most out of software and be productive, happy employees.

See Content Panda in Action