Adapting to Human Nature: Measuring Results, Sharing Feedback & Iterating the SharePoint Rollout

This blog is the latest installment in Content Panda’s series depicting a company’s journey to adopt Microsoft SharePoint. Catch up by reading last week’s post.   

“Welcome to CIEWG,” Ron, CIEWG’s lead trainer, announced to the new hire class of September 2016. “You are here because you have the passion, skills, and courage to join us as we reinvent the chemical manufacturing industry.” 

Ron paused, gauging the attention level of the 25 new hires staring back at him. “Yesterday, we gave you the basics on CIEWG – where it has been and where we want to go,” Ron explained. “In order for CIEWG to get to where it wants to be, we have to rethink everything. Rethink the way we manufacture products, rethink the way we engage with our customers and, most importantly, rethink the way we work and communicate with one another.”  

Ron then transitioned to the next slide in his presentation, a picture of Hope the Panda foraging for bamboo in the CIEWG campus gardens. “Trying to navigate our tens of thousands of associates across multiple offices in the United States can oftentimes feel like a zoo,” Ron said. “You are at the leading edge of a monumental shift in the way we work here at CIEWG. No more archaic file shares. No more email attachments. No more sending the wrong versions of documents because you had an old version on your hard drive. Today, you will be the first to start using our new collaboration platform, Microsoft SharePoint.” 

Ron explained the basics of SharePoint and gave the class their first assignment: completing an online scavenger hunt where they would have to complete multiple activities on SharePoint – such as creating document libraries, storing content on OneDrive, and sending links to files to one another.  John, Christine, Andrew, and the rest of the SharePoint champions sat in the back of the room, excited to witness all their planning come to fruition but also anxious to see if it would even work.  

“We know you’re not going to remember everything you hear today as we go deeper into SharePoint training,” Ron said. “Just like Hope needed help to get back to her home in Memphis Zoo, we have a multitude of ways you can get help. First, turn around. The people you see back here, including our President and CEO, are all SharePoint champions. They are a resource to help you when you encounter any roadblocks. You’ll also see as you navigate SharePoint small Panda icons. If you don’t know what to do, click on the Panda icon and it will allow you to access the best training content in the world. Don’t agree it’s the best? You can rate the video or article so we know whether to keep it or remove it in the future.” 

The excitement and fear on the faces of each member of the new hire class was evident. All of them wanted to complete the scavenger hunt as quickly as possible, since the winner received an all-expenses-paid dinner for two to the hottest barbecue restaurant on Beale Street.  

Throughout the week, the mix of classroom training, online help training, and meeting with the SharePoint champions led to the entire new hire class completing the scavenger hunt – 25 percent better than what John and the team had established as a goal.  

“Even better? The amount of content stored already on OneDrive is 5 gigabytes, double our original planning,” John said as he navigated the online training portals centralized management system where he could track and refine the SharePoint adoption experience. “It seems that help videos are the highest rated – we should make sure we configure our system so those links are at the top of the list of help content articles available when users click on the panda.” 

As the week drew to a close, Kathy created an online survey on SharePoint asking new hires about their experience with the deployment – including questions on the quality of the training, their favorite part of training, and areas of improvement. The SharePoint champions would then review this information and iterate their deployment strategy for the next wave of users. 

The survey results were stunning – not only did every new hire complete the survey, it turns out they loved the mix of classroom and online training. The new hires also enjoyed not having to refer to a user manual or notes they took during classroom training every time they ran into a problem. Having access to help content right at the point they needed it was a great investment. The new hires also gave great suggestions for how the SharePoint champions could tweak the deployment for other teams. 

To celebrate a successful first week of deploying SharePoint, the CIEWG SharePoint champions went back to the Memphis Zoo, where they saw Hope had an update of her own – she was pregnant, ready to continue the circle of life. Chances were slim she would escape to the CIEWG gardens again for a long time. “Hope came to us for a reason. She helped us rebirth the way we work at CIEWG, and now she will bring the next generation of pandas into the world herself,” Bryan said as he and Kathy gazed lovingly at Hope napping on a bed of bamboo  

Tune in next week to find out how John’s guest speech on CIEWG’s SharePoint adoption story went at Microsoft Ignite. Can’t wait? Want to learn how you can deploy a complete online user experience to deliver SharePoint help content in-context? Sign up for a free trial today.   

*While the story mirrors a typical SharePoint deployment, the people, places, and company names used are all fictitious. No pandas were harmed in the making of this blog series, either.    

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Written by Co-Founder and CMO, Heather Newman

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