Without Change, There Would Be No Butterflies: 4 Steps to Transform Your Business with Change Management

Welcome to the final installment in our series on how to ace change management for your migration to Microsoft SharePoint or Microsoft Office 365. Catch up by reading last week’s blog post on readiness and adoption 

Over the last month, we’ve been on a journey together. From finding an executive sponsor and crafting a killer awareness plan to aligning the right training and support to drive adoptionyou’ve laid the foundation to change the way your business works.  

We all know that this is vital work – in an age where consumers can swipe or tap to consume services and buy products, you need to update your IT systems to allow your workers to access information quickly, collaborate rapidly, and forge a new relationship with customers.   

We’ve called this change management, but you can also refer to it as business transformation. Business transformation is at the heart of every company – especially inside everyday processes and driving innovation with purchased productivity tools. Change management is so important that nearly 60 percent of companies surveyed cite the lack of it as the top reason SharePoint deployments fail. 

Is transformation easy? No. But it’s not impossible, and certainly a worthwhile endeavor. Working with our customers and partners around the world to transform their online user experience, I’ve been able to help them make the connection between two seemingly unrelated topics: how transforming your business is much like how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly.   

  1. Birth: The caterpillar hatches from an egg, which I liken to the kernels of your goals and business need for a change management project. It’s the foundation from which the rest of your plan grows.  
  2. Growth: The caterpillar is hungry, so it eats in order to grow larger and fortify itself for the transformation journey ahead. You need to feed the hype machine to get your employees excited and prepare them for the change management journey ahead, which is why building awareness through proactive communication is extremely important 
  3. Contemplation: At this stage, the caterpillar stops eating and hangs upside down, spinning itself into a silky cocoon. This is the time you take the building blocks of your change management initiative and train your employees on their new way of workingEmployees are receiving the information they need at this stage to perpetuate their own transformation of daily job tasks and business processes.  
  4. TransformationWithin that protective cocoon, the caterpillar radically turns into a butterfly and enters the world a new being. This is much like the readiness and adoption phase of change management, when you’ve done all you can to help your employees learn and grow, and it’s time to let them loose into a new way of working.  

The good news is that Content Panda has been there and driven change management projects helping over 500,000 people successfully adopt SharePoint and Office 365. Download our free change management eBook to get all the details on how to transform your business. When you’re ready, Content Panda’s user experience management platform accelerates adoption, simplifies training and support, and promotes governance through a slick centralized user interface.  

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