Taking the Message of Simplified SharePoint User Experience on the Road

It’s been an exciting week for Content Panda! From the release of Content Panda Analytics – our newest feature giving you a slick view into the key metrics driving your SharePoint adoption campaigns – to speaking at several Office 365 and SharePoint events throughout the United States, there is a lot to talk about.

On March 31, I had the pleasure of presenting once again at SharePoint Saturday (though it was on a Friday) Honolulu. It was great to meet with old friends and new companies attending this important community event to learn more about the challenges and opportunities we all face in transforming companies’ online user experiences.

 Presenting my Microsoft Planner session at SharePoint Saturday Honolulu.

Presenting my Microsoft Planner session at SharePoint Saturday Honolulu.

I presented a new session, One Card at a Time – Leverage Office 365 Planner to Plan Your SharePoint End User Adoption Campaign. New features in Office 365 make it very easy to visually organize teamwork, plans, tasks, and files. However, as we’ve stressed time and again on this blog, the right people and right processes must be in place before using any technology to drive a project. That’s why I was excited to share how a Content Panda customer was able to use our End User Adoption Checklist to reap the maximum benefits from Office 365 Planner and successfully deploy the platform to its users.

Want a refresher on Content Panda’s adoption best practices honed through transforming over 500,000 individuals’ online user experience? Download our free Adoption eBook today.

It was difficult to leave the warm breezes of Honolulu, but I swapped my flip flops for cowboy boots and hopped on a plane so I could attend one of the biggest SharePoint community shows of the year – SPTechCon Austin.

I presented One Card at a Time again but also introduced another new session: Without Change, There Would Be No Butterflies: 4 Steps to Business Transformation. Consumers expect a new relationship with businesses, which means internal teams need a new way to work – one enabling them to access information quickly and collaborate rapidly on any device at any time.  We even had a real butterfly make its way behind me in the window which made my audience point and giggle. I told them I pressed the ‘butterfly button’.

Business transformation is at the heart of every business especially inside everyday processes and driving innovation with purchased productivity tools. The good news is many companies are turning to SharePoint and Office 365. The bad news is adoption is sorely lacking. The culprit? Change management. Recent studies find more than half of companies point to poor change management as the top reason for their SharePoint deployments failing. I shared real-world use cases where we implemented our four-point blueprint for successful change management:

  1. Planning and sponsorship
  2. Awareness
  3. Learning
  4. Readiness and adoption

Want a deeper dive into this blueprint? Download our free Change Management eBook today.

I also had the pleasure of being a panel member at the Women in SharePoint Luncheon as well as show off Content Panda Analytics in action during the Lightning Round presentations.

 Getting the crowd warmed up at my SPTechCon session on Business Transformation

Getting the crowd warmed up at my SPTechCon session on Business Transformation

No matter the time zone, the takeaways from both SharePoint Saturday Honolulu and SPTechCon Austin were the same:

Show me the metrics!

Companies are scrambling to quantify the impact of their SharePoint and Office 365 deployments. Especially during the adoption phase, being able to quickly view key performance indicators to amplify successes, quickly course correct, and iterate as necessary has never been more important. Content Panda Analytics not only surfaces metrics in an easy-to-use dashboard, it also provides context and recommended actions. Visit our product page to learn more.

A GPS is only as good as the person using it.

Office 365 and SharePoint have both included new and enhanced features aimed at improving the user experience. However, these features are useless unless you have a clear plan for how to implement these platforms. You must have a change management strategy and clear method to adoption before you ever let any of your co-workers view an Office 365 group or SharePoint newsfeed.

The Women in Technology/Women in SharePoint global community is thriving.

I am constantly inspired by the work the Women in SharePoint community does every single day that will have an impact forever. Having had the opportunity to either lead or participate in WiT panel discussions worldwide over the past several years, it’s been personally gratifying to see just how far we have come and how much further we will go. For our SPTechCon Women in Technology Lunch Panel, we had our first male speaker, Eric Shupps (the SharePoint Cowboy) speak at our panel about mentoring and advocacy. He was a terrific addition to our lunch.  Lori Gowin from Microsoft spoke and introduced Eric and then myself and SharePoint MVP, Jennifer Mason answered questions from the crowd. One point Eric made was on the events that he has been in charge of, “when you add female speakers to the agenda, your female attendees simply rise as well.” Note to those planning meetups, user groups and conferences. We model what we see in the world. More female speakers = more female attendees. To follow more on Women in SharePoint, find our Facebook group, follow us on Twitter at @WomeninSP, or feel free to contact me directly.

For those of you who didn’t have a chance to visit us, don’t miss out on how you can breathe new life into your SharePoint or Office 365 deployment with Content Panda. We’re ready and able to work with you to make your vision a reality. Book a demo with us today and let us show you how we can help.  

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