Crows and Panda – Birds of a Feather Flock Together

The digital workplace in today’s world needs the support of smart applications to get the job done. This is prevalent across all shapes and sizes of businesses and is key to truly using SharePoint and Office 365 to its greatest advantage.

We are excited to partner with long time colleagues Crow Canyon Software, who offers a unique NITRO™ Application Layer that powers up our SharePoint and Office 365 applications to provide the functionality organizations needs to be successful in today’s changing work world. These apps are developed and supported entirely by Crow Canyon, NITRO provides the underlying foundation for all their applications and custom development projects.

We started talking a while ago as Scott Restivo, CEO of Crow Canyon Software, and I kept running into each other at various SharePoint Saturday events where he and I were speaking and sponsoring. After trading demos of our solutions, we got to talking and decided to bring our software into theirs to light up their apps help and training content contextually (on-demand and in-context) to make it easier for their customers to hit the ground running with installation and questions they might have later. 

With Content Panda, the end user self-service is key. Once end users know that they simply need to click the panda when they need help, we find that our customer’s support tickets drop and they are simply happier with SharePoint in general.  Crow Canyon Software chose to elevate their help and training game for their customers with our solution and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

Existing Crow Canyon customers will see pandas, yes panda in their online user interface lighting up key elements for their Workflow Manager App. Customers who like the Content Panda experience can license the full-version of Content Panda for Office 365 and SharePoint help and training content for their entire Office 365 SharePoint Online, SharePoint 2016, 2013, 2010 sites by contacting

Crow Canyon Software has a terrific suite of over 12 apps that turn SharePoint and Office 365 into powerful platforms that streamline business processes — reduce costs, improve service levels, and increase efficiency. For more information on Crow Canyon Software:

We are thrilled to be partnering with Crow Canyon on a deeper level and are excited to bring their customers some “pandamonium”.

Who knew crows and pandas were birds of a feather, and flock better together?  Sorry, couldn’t resist.



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