Personalizing the Panda: 4 Ways to Customize In-Context Help & Training

Have you ever run into a problem when using a software product, and when you open up the “Help” menu and enter your specific issue no results appear?

We feel your pain.

Especially when it comes to adopting a new collaboration platform such as Microsoft SharePoint or Microsoft Office 365, it’s important that you offer users the ability to pinpoint the right help content at the right time.  

At Content Panda, we’ve transformed the SharePoint and Office 365 user experience for more than 500,000 people – helping organizations accelerate their adoption, reduce the support burden on their IT help desks, and promote their IT governance and business policies.

Unlike other online learning and training tools, we believe in giving you world-class content as soon as you install Content Panda. We partner with the best SharePoint and Office 365 training companies in the world to provide you with more than 200 training topics, help articles, and videos the moment you turn on Content Panda. Our training content is diversified, much like the way your individual employees learn. Whether it’s a quick how-to article or a five-minute in-depth video, your users can choose what training content to consume in order to gain a deeper understanding of the topic they desire.

Our out-of-the-box training is a great start, but we know that every company is different. You will have specific use cases, features, and governance policies to address. With that in mind, we made our Content Panda product eminently customizable in both the type of content you can create as well as how you display and target the content to your users.

Here are four ways you can personalize Content Panda to maximize your SharePoint and Office 365 online user experience:

  1. Custom Content: Create your own trainings – such as how to abide by your company’s unique governance policies and business processes – and easily surface them on our Panda Panels in the specific pages your users will need the help. You can create and edit Panda Panels directly in the SharePoint user interface, giving you maximum control and saving you time.
  2. Panda Panels: Pop-ups are so 1990s. Instead of trying to guess user behavior on your new SharePoint platform to trigger pop-up notifications indicating training is available, Content Panda is always present in the user interface. When you activate it, it will show where help is available on the specific SharePoint page without distracting users.
  3. Page-by-Page Help Navigation: Go as wide or as deep with your help content as you see fit. Other SharePoint and Office 365 online training tools force you to put notifications on each and every element within SharePoint, whether you need to give users help or not. With Content Panda, display content on any individual element of a SharePoint page (such as a travel policy document), element groups (such as all document libraries), or even by location (such as all lists in the Marketing department).
  4. Filtered Training Content: When you are deploying SharePoint and training your users, a one-size-fits-all approach won’t work. Different users will need different training depending on how they will be using SharePoint. Your accounting team will likely need a different set of training materials than your IT team, for example. Content Panda enables you to create content packs and target your audiences accordingly, so you are delivering the right content to the right people. Worried about having to manage multiple sets of security and user groups? With Content Panda, it’s not a problem. You can simply filter training content using the native SharePoint security and user groups you already created for the management and administration of your deployment.

Ready to see just how powerfully Content Panda can transform your SharePoint user experience? Book a quick chat with us – as little as 15 minutes – to see just how powerfully Content Panda can transform your SharePoint and Office 365 user experience.

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