SharePoint Saturday San Diego

I love spending time in San Diego with my fellow Californians.  What a wonderful event last week at SPS San Diego. Big thanks to our organizers!  It was terrific to get back down South and see so many old friends and new faces. Loved the shirts from this event, “Collaborate You Must”, ala Yoda from Star Wars. 

I presented my Office Planner session, One Card at a Time – Leverage Office 365 Planner to Plan Your SharePoint End User Adoption Campaign. New features in Office 365 make it very easy to visually organize teamwork, plans, tasks, and files. However, as we’ve stressed time and again on this blog, the right people and right processes must be in place before using any technology to drive a project. 

I love going through the End User Adoption Checklist to help folks reap the maximum benefits from Office 365 Planner and successfully deploy the platform to its users. My slides are available here.

The audience of this session was already pretty familiar with Planner so I spent more time on the philosophy around talking through the 10 steps of the checklist and we had a great discussion about remembering that we are dealing with humans just as much as technology. An attendee commented that he appreciated the “human skills” of our discussion. Thank you to those who attended and participated in my session.

If you would like a refresher on Content Panda’s adoption best practices, honed through transforming over 500,000 individuals’ online user experience, download our free Adoption eBook today.

I’m passionate about SharePoint and end user adoption and Content Panda. I know many of you expressed interest in our product and I love giving demos.  This month Content Panda released many new features and user interface improvements to our product to read about them check out our blog here on this.

Most folks have a dev environment where they play with tools and Content Panda is a great addition to that mix. So if you are game, please sign up and we’ll get you all set.

I invite you to connect with me on social media @heddanewman @contentpanda and if you have any questions about SharePoint, need a connection to someone in the community you don’t know please give me a shout.

And thank you again for a great event and the hospitality.  

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