Blizzards in Minnasnowta and Machinations on Microsoft Planner – A Re-Cap from heddanewman on SharePoint Saturday Twin Cities #SPSTC

 Walking into #SPSTC like...

Walking into #SPSTC like…

Blow winds blow, ah. The cold wintery wind whips snow against our faces as we trudge from the parking garage to the doors of Normandale Community college, determined to speak our hearts out for the SharePoint Saturday Twin Cities event…. Blizzards do not stop Minnasnowtan SharePointers!  Or Michiganers who now live in Los Angeles. RAWR!

What a great event at SPS Twin Cities. A big thank you to our organizers – Wes, Sarah, Raymond, Jim, Edith, Don and Tamara and all of you volunteers that are wonderful. I haven’t been back to Minneapolis since I was there for the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (now Microsoft Inspire) years ago and I loved it. I even had a moment before the blizzard to have my first Chick-fil-a, which I liked very much and to buy a pair of new sparkly sneakers from DSW. WOOT!

Native and fellow Microsoft MVP Liz Sundet was our “L-Uber” who seriously knows how to drive in the snow. Thank you, Liz. It was impressive that over 200 attendees came out to visit and learn about SharePoint, big ups to our fierce Midwestern community. It was fun to meet all of you. Holy weather mavens.

Stolen from @idubbs – Wes Preston’s Tweet:  630 registered. 200+ attended. 14 sponsors. 40 sessions. 29 speakers, 18 volunteers. 375 lunches. 12+ inches of snow. 1 historic blizzard in April. How many sticky buns did @mrackley eat?

 Advanced OneNote: Tips and Tricks with Q&A with Jeff Bovee

Advanced OneNote: Tips and Tricks with Q&A with Jeff Bovee

I loved attending Jeff Bovee’s session: Advanced OneNote: Tips and Tricks with Q&A. Yes, I love SharePoint, but my love for OneNote is long and deep. I use the page templates feature all the time for meetings and checklists I use over and over again. Great functionality. Choose Insert>Page Templates>Create New Template or Save what you are working on to reuse later.

I presented my Microsoft Planner session, One Card at a Time – Leverage Office 365 Planner to Plan Your SharePoint End User Adoption Campaign. And added a look at Microsoft Teams and how they play nicely together. All of us are learning integration points and waiting patiently for new features. Both products make it easier to organize teamwork, plans, tasks, and files visually. However, as I’ve stressed time and again in my presentations – the right people and right processes must be in place before using any technology to drive a project. 

Using a tried and true – End User Adoption Checklist I love to talk through with attendees what their best practices are as well. We had a great discussion – big thanks to all of you who came and joined in the chat, I always learn a ton from my attendees. My slides are available here.

A few updates, links and questions came out in my session:

Updates: View Planner tasks on your Outlook calendar – you can view tasks in Outlook, but you cannot edit them or update them at this time. Add a plan to Outlook calendar using an iCalendar feed – check out the Blog post on this by Eray Chou, who runs the Program Management Team for Microsoft Planner.  He needs more followers on Twitter – give him a follow!!

User Voice: If there is a feature you’d like to see in Planner check out User Voice, you can add yours or vote on others.

Microsoft Tech Community: this is the Planner Blog on the Tech Community – watch this space for updates on Planner.

Fast Track for Microsoft: this is the place that I reference a ton in my presentation – leverage the templates from this space – they are terrific for your end user adoption programs.

AIIM International: This is the organization that I recommended, and yes I was a board member, but their Industry Watch whitepapers and proof points to go up channel to your C-suite  for your efforts around adoption are on point. Check them out, there is a membership fee, but I think it is completely worth it for the great info you receive.

Start With Why: this is the TEDTalk by Simon Sinek that you should watch regarding Developing Your Vision.

Diffusions of Innovation: (theory by Everett M Rogers) this is the bell curve I showed on Innovators, Early Adopters, Early Majority, Late Majority, and Laggards.

Q: Where are documents stored in Planner?

A:  Any documents or attachment are in the same SharePoint Online document library in the same Office 365 group. You can also now choose an existing plan when connecting Microsoft Teams. You can also add an existing document library to a Microsoft Teams as well.  For more on accessing plans from Microsoft Teams in Planner apps – check out this blog post by Eray Chou.

Q: Can you sort by the highlight on a task?

A: The term for the “highlight” is actually “Label” so the different color “tabs” on the end of a task. You can filter by a “label,” and, you can also group by “labels.” In our session attendees are using these in many different ways and want more granular filtering depending on how they use them. A change from a checkmark to something more active perhaps.

If you would like a refresher user adoption best practices, honed through transforming over 500,000 individuals’ online user experience at my company Content Panda, you can download our free Adoption eBook today.

I’m passionate about Microsoft Planner, Microsoft Teams, Office 365, SharePoint and end-user adoption.  If you’d like to see how our product Content Panda drives end-user adoption of SharePoint, we’d be happy to give you a quick 20 min demo – YES, Gimme some Panda.

I invite you to connect with me on social media @heddanewman @contentpanda and if you have any questions about SharePoint, need a connection to someone in the community you don’t know please give me a shout.

And thank you again for a great event and the warm hospitality despite the cold weather. You all are awesome!



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