Back in Full Force – SharePoint Conference NA Announcements, Buzz and Goodness

Back in Full Force – SharePoint Conference NA Announcements, Buzz and Goodness

What a week. May has traditionally been a big month for SharePoint, and the SharePoint Conference NA was chock full of announcements that will lead up to more coming soon at Microsoft Ignite, Orlando, Fl, September 24-28, 2018. One of the biggest announcements was that there WILL be a SharePoint Conference next year, same city, same venue. Mark your calendars now for SharePoint Conference NA, May 21-23, 2019, MGM Grand, Las Vegas. Registration is already open. 

I loved being across the hall from our Content Panda training and content partner Mindsharp to continue our end-user adoption better together story in conjunction with Combined Knowledge. I love working with them both to bring comprehensive learning and support tools inside Office 365 and SharePoint for users and administrators via Content Panda. Be sure to join us for our Content Panda with Support+: Better Together webinar on June 7th.

Jeff Teper, CVP Corporate Vice President – Microsoft Office, and the SharePoint, Office 365, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, and Yammer teams did a great job with their keynote. I had a lovely catch up with Jeff during the week. Thank you, Jeff Teper, Seth Patton, Bill Bear, Dan Holme, Adam Harmetz, Vidya Srinivasan, Naomi Moneypenny, Chris McNulty, Vesa Juvonen and the rest of the team behind the scenes for their awesome demos and content. And for their deep dive into our community, I don’t think all of us who are customers, partners and Microsoft MVPs could be more thrilled about that. 

So many awesome updates by Microsoft, MVPs and Partners are wrapping up the highlights from the event just search #SPC18 #SPC19 in Twitterland and you’ll see all of them. 

I will be on a webinar tomorrow with Metalogix hosted by Adam Levithan, Group Program Manager, Secure Collaboration at Exostar with Panelists, Ragnar Heil, Alliance Manager, Microsoft MVP, Metalogix & Jill Hannemann, Principal Advisory Services, Withum.

To register:  What You Missed at SharePoint Conference North America 2018

Tomorrow: Wednesday, May 30th– 11:00 am ET

Didn’t get to attend? We have you covered. Join us for an exclusive panel discussion on Wednesday, May 30th, as we revisit some of the best moments of SharePoint Conference North America 2018 and share key highlights from the year’s biggest SharePoint & Office 365 event. We’ll cover: 

·      The latest SharePoint announcements

·      Intranet & communication site innovations to come

·      Groundbreaking security and governance tips

·      Takeaways from the SharePoint roadmap

·      Flashbacks to the summer’s hottest (literally) pool party

Below is a quick hit list of items of note. 

Keynote & Announcement Highlights

UserVoice is a megaphone and listening box for us all. I loved the importance placed on UserVoice at the event calling out the features that were direct hits from all of us. So do keep shouting out on UserVoice for your brilliant ideas, thoughts, and deep dark desires. Microsoft is listening, folks, use your voice.

Also, many of these updates are rolling out over the next few months so watch the Office 365 Roadmap Page to see what’s cooking.

SharePoint is alive and innovating – the crowd roared with what is the “little things” but little things are often what make or break a day in the life of a SharePoint user. 

·      Real-time updates to items in a list

·      Group and conditional column formatting (coming soon)

·      Copy and paste from Excel to SharePoint Lists (YASSSSSSS) which will automatically generate a list and populate it. 

SharePoint spaces – a preview of the future of mixed reality with 3D-aware web parts giving a new way to browse, consume and manipulate content in a SharePoint site. SharePoint spaces will work with HoloLens and other headsets.

AI and Search capabilities for more personalization. I want my AVATAR now!

Deeper leverage of the Microsoft Graph – this is a background service that analyses user’s activities and also creates connections between users and content.

SharePoint Mobile App –personalized and intelligent search which will mean easier navigation, and a new Find tab.

SharePoint 2019 is launching later this year.

Microsoft Flow now has deeper integration inside SharePoint, with a new approval feature inside sites so you can approve items on a page or via email prompts. 

GDPR and multi-geo data residency for SharePoint. Multi-Geo Capabilities for Office 365 will be extended to SharePoint with a public preview this Summer.

OneDrive updates made me super happy. I love the new scanning experience especially for all of us road warriors who need that functionality on the fly. The always entertaining Stephen Rose has all the updates here.

This blog post from Jeff Teper has the SharePoint Virtual Summit streamed from SharePoint Conference NA 2018 and a more detailed list of updates. 

Vendor & Partner Announcements

Intelligent Workspace Buzz– The acquisition of Hyperfish’s Active Directory product by Live Tiles that happened just as SPCNA was ending became a big buzz post haste. With this acquisition and continued innovation and the further adoption of “modern” in the “intranet in a box” or “intelligent workspace” area by players Akumina, Beezy, Bonzai Intranet, BindTuning, Catapult, LiveTiles, Powell 365, Unily and Valo Intranet will make this space one to watch.

Live Tiles Acquires Hyperfish


Fiverr for Microsoft Skills– You want a quick way to get some talent to help you with your Office 365 and SharePoint projects? Look no further than Collab365 MicroJobs, a dedicated marketplace for Microsoft skilled professionals. I cannot wait for this to launch. And seeing Mark Jones in person was awesome. Yay!

Diversity & Inclusion

A whole track on Diversity and Inclusion at a Technical Conference– this one gives me a proud mama bear moment having been the track owner for our SharePoint Conference NA Diversity & Inclusion Track, co-sponsored by Microsoft. We had ten sessions and four panels led by men and women that went head to head with the tech track. We had over 100 men and women attend our Women in Tech and WIT Allies Welcome Reception and wonderful interactions with our session attendees and lots of social buzz about our sessions throughout the week.  

Thank you to Jeff Teper, Bill Baer, Senior Technical Program Manager, SharePoint, and the SPCNA team for green-lighting this track. And to give us the opportunity to build on the shoulders of giants that we all stand on to promote diversity, to support women in tech, to remind us the importance of male allies and to spread some light and goodness in a world that can sometimes seem to not care about these issues.

I believe that our SharePoint Community has always been innovative with how we approach events and our technology, and this is a great example of that. We have over a decade-long of that awesome SharePoint community “take charge” spirit. 

I hope that Microsoft and other tech companies continue their support and leadership bringingmore Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging sessions to the forefront of their content plans in the future. These issues affect all of us and having a healthy dialogue and workplaces where everyone feels included, supported and respected is how the world and our tech world should simply be.

17 Years of Working for Jeff Teper and SharePoint, from Tahoe to Today

At this point in my career, I have has so many opportunities in this community. I was on the original SharePoint Marketing team in Redmond, WA. I have managed logistics for thousands of Microsoft events and marketing campaigns as a vendor consultant. I led marketing globally for AvePoint, been a board member of AIIM International, launched Content Panda. I am a fierce champion for women in tech and diversity, and this year I received my first Microsoft MVP award. Never a dull moment, and with all of that I always feel like I am just getting started.

Congratulations to all on a great week and so much goodness to come #alwayslearning.

Any questions or comments or connections that you need as always happy to do so. 

My Best,



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