The Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways Early Adopter Program and Content Panda

Microsoft Learning Pathways

Microsoft officially announced the Beta Preview of Microsoft 365 learning pathways at the SharePoint Conference 2019 in May. Content Panda was honored to be highlighted as a partner in their Early Adopter Program.

Microsoft 365 learning pathways, formerly known as Custom Learning for Office 365, is a customizable, on-demand training solution designed to increase usage and adoption of Microsoft 365 services in your organization. Microsoft 365 learning pathways features include: 

  • An online catalog connecting you to Microsoft’s training content 
  • A SharePoint Online communication site – An easy-to-provision training portal that can be customized to your organization’s needs
  • A SharePoint web part – Can be filtered to present targeted training content. Organizations can also use the web part to create their custom playlists.

Better Together: How Content Panda and Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways Work Together

Microsoft 365 learning pathways was developed to focus on driving adoption and change for end-users and administrators, delivering more value and greater adoption of Office 365 applications. At Content Panda, we couldn’t be more excited about the available content and playlists.

Many companies work to leverage the most up-to-date Microsoft help, training, and support information, using,, and many other sites, but often have difficulty keeping up with the enormous amount of change. They also spend hours of time, energy, and money on help, training, and support content repositories, knowledge bases, wikis, or purchase a learning management system.  The problem with all of these options is getting employees to use this expensive content. Employees often forget where to find it, how to log in, or just don’t want to lose productivity time searching for answers.

The new Microsoft 365 learning pathways SharePoint Communications Site and web part make keeping up with constantly changing Microsoft adoption and training content easier.

Content Panda is all about giving employees a self-service in-context option without leaving where they are working, across all Office 365 applications as well as any in-house custom applications. Content Panda works for any web application across any technology — one place for every need, at the exact moment one needs it.

We proudly partner with the Microsoft 365 learning pathways team to bring their content and playlists into our in-context and on-demand solution – for any application user interface. 

What Content Panda brings to every user, in-context:

  • Microsoft 365 learning pathways playlists and content
  • Content Panda’s out-of-the-box and continuously-updated help, training, and support content, with thousands of videos, step-by-step instructions, and tooltips
  • Any company’s knowledge base, wikis, and existing custom content
  • All help content, training, and support worlds combined into one interface

How We Do This:

We bring all the content together by putting Content Panda inside an application with four ways to access help, training, and support content:

  • Click a panda for an in-context fly-out tooltip
  • Browse application training to search for training
  • Click “support links” to access hundreds of videos and training
  • Use a pop-up dialogue to communicate important information directly to employees 

Installing Content Panda along with the Microsoft 365 learning pathways SharePoint Online communications site into their tenants gives companies access to all available playlists and content in-context in the moment of need without losing productivity to changing applications, visiting other sites, or logging in elsewhere.

Building Community Together: The Early Adopter Program of Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways

Content Panda is excited to continue working closely with the Microsoft engineering team via the Microsoft 365 learning pathways Early Adopter Program (and other selected partners) to provide feedback based on our customers’ and partners’ experiences.

Next Steps with Content Panda

See Content Panda in action and learn how you can empower your users by delivering self-service help, support, and training content in-context & on-demand in less than 15 minutes.

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