Learn at Your Pace – Training On-Demand

Learn Quickly. Improve Productivity. Become Fluent in Any Application. 

Digital Literacy Training Inside Applications You Use Every Day 

Training should be easy to access, easy to understand, and at every employees’ fingertips. That’s why we offer full Office 365 video-based training courses alongside our popular in-context help and support content. Training courses are available on-demand in 1080p high definition inside each application’s user interface.

Screenshot of Content Panda training options inside a SharePoint site.
Click the panda and select a training module to start learning.

Stay Up to Date

Training content is updated to match Office 365 releases, keeping you current on all the new features and improvements continually being added to Microsoft’s roadmap 

Put an Instructor Inside Office 365

Screenshot of Office 365 training module inside a SharePoint site.
Training videos pop-up inside the app you are working in.

Subject matter experts deliver training content in consumable chunks so employees can learn at their own pace; stopping and starting as their schedules permit.

Demonstrations and real-world examples equip employees with the skills to continually level up their digital literacy and be more productive on the applications they use daily.  

Now in Content Panda for Office 365 applications:  

  • Full training courses, delivered by subject matter experts
  • On-screen demonstrations and animations
  • In-context training courses alongside our popular support content

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