Become an Office 365 Adoption Expert at SharePoint Conference 2020

SharePoint Conference 2020 Office 365 End User Adoption Workshop graphic

We all want to have our teams be more productive inside our business applications – simply turning on an application and letting employees “figure it out” leaves many people feeling frustrated, and they will go back to using the things they know well.

Do you currently have an adoption plan, process, or a campaign to roll out new applications and introduce new team members to what you already have? If so, is it working well?

Either way, there is always room for improvement and different perspectives. Adoption campaigns should always be focused on the value that employees will get from the tools.

Learn from adoption experts in a hands-on workshop.

Office 365 End User Adoption Workshop: A Deep Dive Into Building a Successful End User Adoption Campaign

with Karuana Gatimu, Heather Newman, and Robert Bogue

Friday, May 22, 9 am – 4 pm | SharePoint Conference 2020

This session showcases a tried and true end-user adoption method and a detailed dive into building an Office 365 End User Adoption Campaign inside Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Planner, and OneNote in your tenant with proven strategies for success.

Heather, Rob, and Karuana are Office 365 and adoption experts with a variety of expertise across IT, organizational change management, and marketing. This is a hands-on workshop where you will walk away with a campaign plan template set up in your tenant (if you so choose).

Attendees can also follow the steps at a later time. Heather will share stories, examples, and best practices so you can use what you learn in the workshop over and over again inside your business. These strategies can be applied when:

  • Launching new Office 365 Applications
  • Launching any new business software
  • When you need to train your new hires

In this workshop, you will take away:

  • A step by step end-user adoption schedule built out inside your Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Planner, and OneNote.
  • Real-world examples for each item in the plan.
  • A communication plan with templates you can use for your end-user campaign.
  • Practical tips and tricks that you can adapt and re-use.

Bring your laptop if you would like to build or take notes as we go.

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