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A significant number of people have been tasked with completely shifting their way of working in a very short time. With the increased usage of Microsoft Teams – 75 million daily active usersbusinesses are taking advantage of the collaboration software to connect their remote workforce as never before.

Employees new to the platform may need Microsoft Teams help and training beyond their company’s internal resources. Faced with tackling this new way of working, we all tend to go to our default and do a web search.

Google “Microsoft Teams help” and you’ll receive over 300,000,000 results. That’s a lot of information to sift through and good way to get overwhelmed.  

Google search results for Microsoft Teams Help

To a new user, the big question is usually “Where do I start?” Microsoft has a ton of getting started guides, support, training, and a supportive community that will take you from zero to hero.

Because content curation is a large part of our product, we’ve put together a list of free Microsoft Teams help resources to help new users filter through and target relevant content. 

Office 365 Champions

Office 365 Champions Program Website

Be sure to join the Office 365 Champions Program. This program exists to support users with regular communication, connection to peers and thought leaders, and acts as a center of gravity for your Office 365 education journey.

Microsoft Support

Microsoft Support has lots of information and step by step guides on the Teams Support site. Get started with the End User Video Training

This content is also available within the Teams application – click the Help button on the bottom left to open and browse help topics and training.

Screenshot of Microsoft Teams Help within Microsoft Teams application.

Looking for longer form videos that go a bit deeper? Check out the Microsoft 365 Microsoft Teams Training playlist

Microsoft Instructor Led Training

There is also free instructor-led training for Microsoft Teams. Find out where to get started by taking the Teams Knowledge Check. Classes do fill up so you may have to be patient or watch them on-demand.

Microsoft Community

Sometimes you need a little help from your community. The Microsoft Teams community has a lot of really amazing resources and allows you (once you join) to ask more experienced users and SMEs questions. Start with How to Get Started with Microsoft Community.

Content Panda Quick Start for Microsoft Teams and OneDrive for Business

We’ve released a free version of our product that puts curated support and training content inside the web versions of Microsoft Teams and OneDrive for Business.

The Content Panda Quick Start for Microsoft Teams and Microsoft OneDrive is a browser extension that, once installed, surfaces our digital adoption platform on the web versions of Microsoft Teams and Microsoft OneDrive for Business. We’ve curated the best content and put it where you need it – inside the application you are working in.

If getting answers where you need them is your jam, try out our free QuickStart.  

Educator Resources (again free)

Child raising hand while online learning.

New to remote learning or trying to set up a program? Check out the Get Started with Distance Learning and Making the Transition to Remote Learning from Microsoft Education.

Straight from the source, Microsoft Support Teams for Education.

Microsoft Teams for Education Webinar Series offers free webinars tailored for education, hosted by the Microsoft Teams Product Group. They also offer the most popular sessions on-demand.

Need a community to help you along? Join the Microsoft Enable Remote Learning Community. The Teams for Education Facebook Group is also a great place to get your questions answered.

Subscribe to the Microsoft Education channel on YouTube, featuring videos for teachers, students, and their parents working with Microsoft products. If you need help with a specific tool, the Remote Learning | Quick Tips playlist is a good starting point.

We hope these resources help you. If you have any other favorites, please drop them into the comments.