Follow These 5 SharePoint Migration Security Tips

SharePoint has excellent built-in security features that can extend your IT department’s existing layers of firewalls, security software, and protocols to protect your organization. However, it just takes one user downloading secure documents onto their personal device and sharing them through unsecure, unencrypted email to delegitimize your IT team’s efforts.

Create a Clear SharePoint Governance Policy in 5 Steps

While it’s never too late to create an information governance plan, it makes the most sense to do so before you begin your SharePoint deployment. Take this opportunity to learn from others’ missteps: Of the companies AIIM surveyed that had already started a SharePoint migration, half of them plan on going back to update and better enforce information governance policies this year.

4 Reasons Not to Migrate to SharePoint Without a Training Plan

Training is an extremely important pillar that must be included in any major SharePoint migration project. Create a comprehensive training plan accommodating the different learning styles, geographic challenges, resource constraints, and roll-out strategy you have. Take into account what functions in SharePoint you’re implementing, the important tasks you want employees to learn, behaviors you want them to practice, and also how much money you have to do all of this.

New eBook: Four Steps to Ace Your SharePoint Migration

Many companies are turning to Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft SharePoint to improve the speed and quality with which they work. Nearly 60 percent of companies surveyed by the Association for Image and Information Management (AIIM) stated they would incorporate Microsoft’s cloud solutions in the near future. For many that are still on SharePoint 2010, moving to either SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint 2016 will require a massive change.