Past is Prologue: A Lotus Can Rise from the Muddy Waters of the Mississippi

The morning at CIEWG, Chemistry Is Everywhere We Go, a chemical manufacturing company based in Memphis, TN, is like any other morning. Thousands of employees in standard business-casual work attire glued to their phones and their large cups of coffee filed into the generic beige office building in single file, making beelines for their cubicles.  

Press Release Announcing – “Awesome Version” of Content Panda for Office 365

“With the latest features launching today, we are expanding how customers can leverage their most used collaboration tools by continuing to deliver meaningful content right where and when people need it – inside the application.” Content Panda Expands In-Context Help Capabilities with New Premium Versions for Office 365 and SharePoint 2013 Bay Area Startup launches premium “Awesome” and “Incredible” versions …