Personalizing the Panda: Drive a Consistent SharePoint Deployment with Branding and Permissions

Amidst all the work you need to do in order to successfully deploy SharePoint, there are two facets you must get right: consistent branding and streamlined permissions.

Whenever you are releasing anything new, you want to make sure you put your best face (and foot) forward. This means you must have the right branding consistently across every page and site you deploy with SharePoint. You also need to ensure the right people have the right access to the right sites at the right time. This can be difficult to do on a one-off basis.

Follow These 5 SharePoint Migration Security Tips

SharePoint has excellent built-in security features that can extend your IT department’s existing layers of firewalls, security software, and protocols to protect your organization. However, it just takes one user downloading secure documents onto their personal device and sharing them through unsecure, unencrypted email to delegitimize your IT team’s efforts.

Create a Clear SharePoint Governance Policy in 5 Steps

While it’s never too late to create an information governance plan, it makes the most sense to do so before you begin your SharePoint deployment. Take this opportunity to learn from others’ missteps: Of the companies AIIM surveyed that had already started a SharePoint migration, half of them plan on going back to update and better enforce information governance policies this year.