Change Management

In business change is inevitable, but resistance to change is almost equally inevitable


People crave consistency, routine and process and see change as threatening

When rolling out change within organizations, the single biggest risk factor for success is the adoption of the new applications, innovations, or processes. In most cases, introducing new business applications or changes to processes means asking people to change their behavior. For some, this is monumental. For successful change management you have to lead your employees to adoption.

In-context and on-demand support for change management means:

  • Providing support through change with guided tours of new processes or interfaces
  • Reinforcing change management initiatives with pop-up notifications right where and when people use them most
  • Communicating important best practices and procedures with in-context tool tips

For a successful change management process, you’ll have to lead your employees through each step.

Change behaviors with Content Panda

Many companies are turning to Microsoft SharePoint to improve the speed and quality with which they work. The technology is there, but in many cases, the adoption is not.

Download this eBook to understand and implement four steps to ensure your change management project a success:

  1. Planning and sponsorship
  2. Awareness
  3. Learning
  4. Readiness and adoption

Content Panda partners with Avanade to bring change management to their customers with our in-context and on-demand technology platform.


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