Employee Onboarding

Guide new employees through the onboarding process with helpful guidance, tips and clear direction


A well-executed onboarding process is critical to fostering high employee engagement

Onboarding is a series of events (including orientation) showing employees how to succeed in their day-to-day job and also how they contribute to overall business success.

In-context employee onboarding means:

  • Guided completion of mandatory new employee paperwork and answer to their questions
  • Introduction to benefit plans, including an overview of benefits and answers to common questions about how to access them
  • Review of administrative procedures like vacation approval, sick days, and other common questions

Employee Onboarding with Content Panda

  • Introduce employees to human resources with an interactive online tour
  • Welcome new employees to online tools with step-by-step guidance
  • Shorten the learning curve with embedded training
  • Reduce frustration with context-sensitive tips and tricks as they explore the organization’s business tools and applications
  • Deliver key policies and best practices inside online applications without the need for additional employee training sessions