Policy Compliance

Reinforce business processes, best practices and compliance where users are working


Enhance business processes by sharing relevant guidance and information where and when it applies

Training and education about the technologies your company leverages in your governance plan helps drive adoption and reduce support costs. Training your user community appropriately increases compliance with your policies, increases satisfaction with your services, and creates a positive company culture.

Bringing your policies in-context and on-demand means:

  • Promoting compliance with regulatory requirements and policies where and when employees should see them
  • Embedding documentation requirements and help on complex forms or surveys
  • Surfacing useful information in within project sites, HR portals, and anywhere else you want to influence user behavior

Deliver your company’s policies and best practices content with Content Panda

  • Create custom pop-up notifications detailing best practices
  • Put answers to frequently asked questions or your company’s Wiki inside the application they are working in
  • Reinforce business processes with step-by-step instructions