Content Panda Quick Start for Microsoft Teams and OneDrive

Free Browser Extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge


We want to do our part in these unprecedented times. If you or your organization are using Microsoft Teams or OneDrive to enable working from home we are offering our Quick Start for Microsoft Teams and OneDrive for free until August 1, 2020.

Installation takes less than two minutes and does not require an admin. Once installed, any time you are working in the web versions of Microsoft Teams or Microsoft OneDrive for Business - Content Panda will be there to offer you:

  • In-Context Tooltips and Tours
  • Working from Home Guidance
  • Curated Best Practices for Microsoft Teams and OneDrive

Get the Quick Start

System Requirements 

You will need an Office 365 subscription including Microsoft Teams and/or Microsoft OneDrive for Business OR the free version of Microsoft Teams. 

Content Panda is available for the following browsers:

We recommend using the most recent versions for the best experience. 

For support contact us.