Learning Models for Office 365 Applications

Instant support and training for your entire business in one solution


Employees learn at their own pace anywhere, anytime

Digital literacy for the modern worker follows a pathway where users want help at their time of need, on evenings and weekends, at their desks, during breaks, and at lunch - on their terms.

In-context and on-demand contextual help allows for users to get help, training, and support in their moment of need.

Content Panda delivers training, help, and support through:

  • Office 365 Application focused training modules
  • Assessments
  • Bite sized help & support topics
  • Custom content (your important guidance and best practices)

Training - Become fluent in any Office 365 app

Whether your rolling out the entire Office 365 suite or enabling applications over time, our training modules educate beginners and experts alike. Every module is delivered by content experts and divided into convenient segments allowing employees to learn at their own pace and stop/start as their schedule permits.

Content Panda’s training pathway means:

  • Microsoft Office 365 training, on demand, available in 1080p High Definition direct to your Office 365 site
  • Training content is constantly being updated to match the latest Office 365 releases, so you’re always up to speed with new features and improvements
  • Dive into full training courses or learn about specific topics whenever employees need, in-context.

Help and Support – Autonomous learning at the users fingertips

Our content is optimized for multiple learning styles: videos, step by step tutorials, and immersive training modules.  Content Panda has 1,000’s of support topics to help employees achieve the full potential of your business software all in-context.

Help and support autonomous learning means:

  • As employees become more familiar with Office 365 applications, they’ll want to go deeper. Our bite sized help and support topics address application functionality through each Office 365 application delivered in-context
  • Support topics can be shared between employees
  • One application supports all Office 365 applications, your custom applications, and any web platform