Reduce Support Costs

Minimize support calls with in-context help, videos, and step-by-step tours


Reduce Help Desk support costs

When people need help, the last thing they want to do is ask for it. Getting useful information delivered instantly to employees reduces support costs and increases productivity, saving both time and money. In-context help makes it easier for employees to understand complex features without switching to a different site or program to get the real-time answers they need. Help desk technicians can also use in-context support to answer support tickets more efficiently by leveraging tool tips and tours when answering employees’ questions.

Get those "How do I” questions out of your help desk with self-service, on-demand help content.

In-context, self-service support means

  • Proven reduction in help-desk tickets
  • Increased knowledge retention
  • Higher employee productivity
  • Faster response times for help desk tickets

"We reduced our support tickets from 386 to 44 in two weeks with Content Panda's context sensitive help."

Reduce Support Costs with Content Panda

While in the process of upgrading from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013, a global science and engineering firm sought out third-party training alternatives for its overburdened IT team.

Read this case study to learn how Content Panda:

  • Reduced the number of IT support tickets for SharePoint by 77 percent – from 364 to 85
  • Enabled the IT support staff to focus on higher-value projects instead of answering basic SharePoint and web application questions
  • Updated and streamlined outdated help support manuals across SharePoint and new custom apps

"Content Panda is one of the best products we’ve ever installed. The installation process was super easy and didn’t require additional software on our computers."