Simplify Training & Support

Simplify Training & Support

Immediately on-board, empower and get users up-to-speed answering “How Do I?” questions in the moment of need 

Users just “click the panda” wherever they need help – in SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016 or SharePoint Online to access in-depth training created by Combined Knowledge, world leader in online SharePoint education, Microsoft-approved help content and hand-curated support articles.  

Content Panda for SharePoint helps employees learn as much as they want, whenever they need to— without calling your IT department. Get those “how do I questions out of your help desk with self-service, on-demand help and training content.

In-context, self-service support for end users means:

  • A proven reduction in help-desk tickets
  • Increased knowledge retention
  • No workday interruptions for classroom training

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