Technical Support Agreement

Technical Support for software developed by PandaWorks, Inc. dba Content Panda is provided to commercial users with a current license. Technical support is available Monday-Friday (excluding holidays) 8:00-5:00 PST either through e-mail ( or phone +1 (707) 237-5139. Technical support is not intended to replace software training (formal or otherwise.) It is understood that neither PandaWorks nor its employees make any warranty express or implied, or assumes any legal responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of the technical support offered.

Technical Support:

  • Installation issues
  • Registration and licensing issues (passwords and renewals)
  • Clarification of documentation
  • Explanation of PandaWorks software features and processes
  • Explanation of PandaWorks software warning and error messages
  • Basic questions regarding data import and conversion (from older versions, competing products, or other data sources)

Technical Support

Welcome to PandaWorks technical support. We provide technical support for the current releases of Content Panda (Version 2 and Version 3).

Our technical support staff can be reached at:

telephone: (707) 237-5139

Please be sure to include the following information:

  • Company name
  • License number
  • Exact steps taken to reproduce the problem

Upon calling, emailing or submitting a request via the Content Panda website support form, your support case will be assigned to an individual a support engineer if your support issue is not immediately resolved. Escalation and problem management will be handled according to the Content Panda support practices. The following guidelines illustrate the response goals and definitions that a Customer can expect when Content Panda is responding to Customer situations.










Support request initiated:

30 minutes

4 hours

An existing Software environment is down or there is a critical impact to a Customer’s business operation.

Example: System is down, or effecting customers production application normal functionality.

Panda Works will commit appropriate resources to address the situation, continuing through to resolution, including outside of Business Hours.


Support request initiated:

2 hours

8 hours

Operation of customer’s existing Software environment is experiencing intermittent or degraded service.

Example: Content Panda experiencing localized, intermittent or degraded service or response times.

Panda Works will commit appropriate resources to address the situation, continuing through to resolution.

During troubleshooting, if the issue is determined to not be related to Covered Software, Panda Works will reclassify to Severity Level 3 and stay engaged as appropriate.

Level 2 cases initiated after Business Hours will be addressed the following business day.


Support request initiated:

4 hours

2 business days

Operational performance of Customer’s network or environment is impaired, but low impact to business operations and most business operations remain functional.

Example: non-Content Panda related issues, including Cases re-classified from Level 1 or 2. Low level, non-business impacting situations.

Panda Works will commit resources during Business Hours to restore service to satisfactory levels.


Support request initiated:

4 hours

3 business days

Customer requires information or assistance on software or service capabilities, installation, or configuration.

Example: general information questions

Panda Works will provide resources during Panda Works’s Business Hours to provide information or assistance as requested.

Online Help and Documentation
Visit for online Content Panda documentation and help files.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the level of service provided, please contact Simeon Cathey ( –or – 808-280-5700) to express your concern.