Why Content Panda

Increase employee digital literacy and adoption of technology in an ever-changing digital landscape 


One of the biggest questions we get is…

What is in-context help and why is it so important?

In-context help are pop-ups that appear inside the applications’ user interface, answering “How do I?” questions at the exact moment of need. Delivering help contextually shows users what they need to get the job done without leaving the application, building employee skill and increasing productivity.


Don't you hate it when someone tells you something is intuitive, and then it isn't?

We do too! Applications (including Microsoft Office 365, Workday, and Facebook) have great training resources, yet adoption and proficiency often fall far short of expectations. We deliver content created by experts, application providers, and certified trainers directly to your employees, in-context and on-demand to accelerate learning and end user adoption. Providing in-context delivery matched with relevant and up-to-date content right out of the box sets Content Panda apart.

“After evaluating our options, everyone agreed on Support+ and Content Panda. Installation took only 30 minutes, and our customer success manager showed our end users a short video to help them understand how Content Panda and Support+ works.”
Pamela Bommarito, Systems and Project Management Analyst, St. Luke's Hospital

Making employees leave a business application they’re using to figure out how to use it frustrates them. Some just give up.

Frustrated employees are not happy employees. Businesses need a customizable and innovative approach to deliver training, help, support, and to communicate important policies and announcements to employees. We built a way to accelerate change and place important information front and center, reinventing how  employees learn. Content Panda gives employees self-service, on-screen guidance with interactive pop-ups including videos, visual cues, and step-by-step instructions to navigate them through complex processes.

Content Panda Use Cases

Digital adoption is all about literacy inside the business applications employees use every day. Content Panda increases innovation, automation, and productivity while costs and support tickets go down. Learn more about how to turn training and your own help content into a digital advantage. We currently support all Office 365 applications, custom applications, and web applications.

Simplify Training & Support
Digital Transformation
Communicate Effectively
Reinforce Policies and Compliance
Onboard Employees
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